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5/26/2022 10:46 AM | Flag
basilspain says:
Mr. Basil in Spain, now 12 years and as gorgeous as ever. Enjoying his hiding place in my wardrobe.
4/7/2022 8:08 AM | Flag
basilspain says:
October 2021. Loving my comfy IKEA cushion on the terrace.
4/7/2022 8:06 AM | Flag
basilspain says:
Dec 2021. Fast asleep snuggled up on the sofa with my best friend.
4/7/2022 8:05 AM | Flag
basilspain says:
Jan 2022. I am elderly now and sleep so deeply that nothing wakes me up!
4/7/2022 8:03 AM | Flag
basilspain says:
Waiting for a snack, Feb 2022.
5/5/2020 9:36 AM | Flag
basilspain says:
Mr. Basil in Spain, "mostly I sleep"
5/5/2020 9:34 AM | Flag
basilspain says:
Basil cat - I have not uploaded a photo for a few years. After four years in Tenerife I moved back to Spain to Alicante with my friends and have a new home to enjoy. I am now 11 years young and a happy middle-aged cat.
7/28/2015 5:29 PM | Flag
basilspain says:
Mr. Basil said thank you for all the lovely comments.
7/28/2015 5:28 PM | Flag
basilspain says:
Mr. Basil loves his new window seat his friends have put up for him. Now he can sit and watch the world go by!
7/11/2015 6:18 PM | Flag
basilspain says:
Happy looking friend you have there.
7/11/2015 11:55 AM | Flag
basilspain says:
My friends bought a new house for me in Tenerife 2,000kms from my old home, with two floors of roof terraces so I have plenty of space outdoors to catch things with wings at night! Happy in my new home, a much travelled cat am I.
7/11/2015 11:52 AM | Flag
basilspain says:
Well it has been a long time since I uploaded of photo taken by my friends but I have had a big adventure! We left mainland Spain behind in November 2014 and travelled for three days and 2,000kms by car and ferry to Tenerife to my new home. Mr. Basil - now 5 years old.
8/4/2012 10:14 AM | Flag
basilspain says:
Mr. Basil finding it too hot in the office. Trying to hide his eyes may just make the heat go away! A very happy and contented little friend.
8/4/2012 10:01 AM | Flag
basilspain says:
Safe in the draw, bless!
6/15/2012 9:52 AM | Flag
basilspain says:
Fantastic shot. Glad my Mr Basil does not do that, we have a 20m drop!
6/15/2012 9:48 AM | Flag
basilspain says:
Don´t they just love boxes.
6/15/2012 9:46 AM | Flag
basilspain says:
What a pretty Cat - great shot.
6/14/2012 10:33 AM | Flag
basilspain says:
Mr Basil and the Bird strike! After attacking a poor Pigeon the evidence is quite clear!
5/6/2012 7:09 PM | Flag
basilspain says:
Mr Basil says helo agaion to all his fans. This lovely image was taken today just an hour ago as Mr Basil was sitting on the roof.
4/24/2012 1:04 PM | Flag
basilspain says:
Mr Basil - I am ready for my close-up!
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