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12/25/2012 6:03 AM | Flag
africat says:
So very true! And let us pray for all those furries that are homeless and hungry .... may they find a little warmth and love!
12/25/2012 6:00 AM | Flag
africat says:
Love, purrrfect love!!
12/25/2012 5:57 AM | Flag
africat says:
I have been away from Picato for so long, but that doesn't mean that I don't still love Picato and all of my very dear friends here. Merry Christmas to you all! Much love, the Africats.
11/29/2011 3:13 AM | Flag
africat says:
Poor little Pooh2 - RIP sweet baby, and hugs, tears for you dear Hilda ... you will be in my thoughts tomorrow, for sure.
11/24/2011 7:22 AM | Flag
africat says:
Happy Thanksgiving to all my dear American Picato friends! And for all my Picato friends if you're on Facebook, please visit our animal rescue group page at Cats are my passion (obviously) and now I have an active role in making a difference for feral cats and other abandoned/stray cats and dogs.
10/24/2011 5:15 AM | Flag
africat says:
Cattitude kitty ... I love it!!
10/24/2011 5:13 AM | Flag
africat says:
Wow!!! What a truly beautiful cat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
10/16/2011 6:07 AM | Flag
africat says:
Carola, I share in the sadness of your loss ..... this is in memory of your sweet Maxi and I hope it brings a little comfort ...
10/16/2011 4:44 AM | Flag
africat says:
I am so sorry for your sad loss, Carola. RIP dearest Maxi - you will be sadly missed, and always remembered but you will never walk alone as you join so many precious angels that are there to befriend you at the Bridge.
8/27/2011 5:20 AM | Flag
africat says:
You are such a cutie! Love your little black nose and those tufty ears!!
8/27/2011 5:17 AM | Flag
africat says:
She's gorgeous!! Perfect little princess!
8/24/2011 4:15 AM | Flag
africat says:
I would actually love to find a home that would take Amber and Taz together - they are about the same age (I think) and they get along so well together .....
8/24/2011 4:13 AM | Flag
africat says:
Especially for you, Eli, because I know how much you love Smokey!
8/23/2011 4:52 AM | Flag
africat says:
Wow!!! What a BEAUTIFUL cat!!!
8/23/2011 4:50 AM | Flag
africat says:
Milo has grown into the most gorgeous boy!!!!! How lucky you are, MJ!!
8/23/2011 4:49 AM | Flag
africat says:
Waiting patiently for 'treats' - they come out of the cupboard over his head!!
8/23/2011 4:48 AM | Flag
africat says:
Amber - my little blonde! Oh so affectionate and would love to spend her days on someone's lap!!
8/23/2011 4:47 AM | Flag
africat says:
'Den Dad' Chatty and Tigger .....
8/23/2011 4:45 AM | Flag
africat says:
Chatty in his new favorite place - a discarded trash can! He has made it his own!
8/23/2011 4:44 AM | Flag
africat says:
Nikita - still beautiful and still the Queen of the Condo!!
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