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By: PUSHKIN 11/1/2007 1:24 PM 
Picture of a cat / kitten / feline
Cats: PUSHKIN Tags: bear baby
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artsykit 11/10/2016 12:18 AM | Flag
She is beautiful!
Andrinska 10/23/2016 4:02 PM | Flag
So cute! I used to have a kitty named Pushkin! He was a Russian blue. 😺
pjesnik21 10/10/2015 1:21 PM | Flag
OMG, he's so cute!
nikolina 11/28/2014 3:35 AM | Flag
very pretty cat;)
CrazyCatLaydee 11/26/2013 10:27 PM | Flag
WOW Stunning kitty!! <3
dobrien 3/20/2013 12:37 AM | Flag
Ragdoll 12/19/2012 6:26 PM | Flag
That a blue mitted ragdoll?! :D
Bluebay Shel 10/19/2011 5:33 PM | Flag
Ooohh! You ARE pretty!
Wayne M 3/14/2011 12:32 AM | Flag
Thank you so much for your kind words about my Batman,,, Love Ya!
Bailie 3/14/2011 12:32 AM | Flag
What a beauty! ;) Jan 24 2009, Lincoln UK
sheila1203 3/14/2011 12:32 AM | Flag
Thanks for your lovely comments. My mum and dad do feel lucky to have me in their lives and I am sure you are trulyloved as much as me. I have a great life eating and sleeping. xxx
katinguinha 3/14/2011 12:32 AM | Flag
Hello, how are you?
Hvy 3/14/2011 12:32 AM | Flag
11/25/08 Just Beautiful!!! There Sure Are A Lot Of Cats In Here! *smile* ~*~*~*~*~"MEOW"~*~*~*~*~ Have A "Happy" Day!!!
Teocato 3/14/2011 12:33 AM | Flag
Baby Bear Pushkin! You are so beautiful. I hope we see more of you!!!!!!!!! PLEASE?????
lasombra99 3/14/2011 12:33 AM | Flag
hello pushkin, you're truly a beauty! more pics!!
singraykin 3/14/2011 12:33 AM | Flag
Wow what a pretty cat!
Wayne M 3/14/2011 12:33 AM | Flag
Exquisite Beauty!!!!
Fiocco 3/14/2011 12:33 AM | Flag
Hello wonderful Puskin! Welcome to Picato! You look astonishing! Where are you from dear? I think it's nice to know. Hope you keep us updated! xxx
MackemCat 3/14/2011 12:33 AM | Flag
Gorgeous!!!!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxox
piperbaby 3/14/2011 12:33 AM | Flag
Wow I am lost in those eyes and that face. Gorgeous. More pictures please. Welcome to Picato
smokeyfuffy 3/14/2011 12:33 AM | Flag
Welcome in PICATO!!!
BUDDERS 3/14/2011 12:33 AM | Flag
balousha 3/14/2011 12:33 AM | Flag
Your kitty really feels like a teddy bear! I just want to pick him/her up and hug soo hard :) Gorgeous Cat!!
Saaski 3/14/2011 12:33 AM | Flag
Beautiful cat. Great name.
Butterfly 3/14/2011 12:33 AM | Flag
Wayne M 3/14/2011 12:33 AM | Flag
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