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3/22/2018 10:40 PM | Flag
tele_mark says:
Ahhh, ok! It is a small dose. I guess it has many uses for cats when prescribed by a vet.
3/22/2018 10:06 PM | Flag
DustyTheCat says:
The vet prescribed a quarter of a baby aspirin to Halloween twice a week for his bad heart, which I didn't know he had until I took him. The SPCA told me he had no health problems, but that's not exactly true...
3/22/2018 3:04 PM | Flag
tele_mark says:
Only a couple days, and its not very pretty now, and its really heavy duty. They've never seen a cardboard scratcher but knew what it was for instantly!
3/22/2018 2:45 PM | Flag
cynthia says:
What a beauty.
3/22/2018 1:46 PM | Flag
tele_mark says:
Well hello Sakura, where have you been? Looking great!
3/22/2018 1:45 PM | Flag
tele_mark says:
Why the aspirin? It's toxic to cats. It should only be given if directed by a vet, and then exactly as prescribed. Floppy was given a trial of aspirin for his arthritis, and the dosage was only 1/2 of a baby aspirin every other week.
3/22/2018 11:15 AM | Flag
DustyTheCat says:
Thank you! The secret is cold water in the water bowl, Meow Mix in the food bowl every night, some salmon pate twice a week with a quarter of a baby aspirin cleverly crushed and mixed into it, and lots of cuddles.
3/22/2018 7:10 AM | Flag
doerscheln says:
LOL This thing seems to be a lot of fun!
3/22/2018 7:08 AM | Flag
Eli says:
Hi handsome!
3/22/2018 6:30 AM | Flag
tele_mark says:
He's very healthy, great job!
3/22/2018 5:35 AM | Flag
tele_mark says:
More pics of Bea with hers!
3/22/2018 1:52 AM | Flag
Mquick80 says:
Everyone should buy on of those for their cat(s)!
3/22/2018 12:54 AM | Flag
eelias says:
now that's fun!
3/21/2018 9:08 PM | Flag
iluvcats says:
3/21/2018 5:08 PM | Flag
tele_mark says:
Ambercat loves the welding glove because he doesn't have to hold back.
3/21/2018 4:19 PM | Flag
tele_mark says:
Yeah, I might try the flat $30 one next. That's about what I pay for a standard 30" scratching post. Storm and Ambercat have very well discovered the scratching mode. Not sure how long it'll last!
3/21/2018 3:27 PM | Flag
pmgr111 says:
If you look up Pet Fusion on Amazon there are other configurations of this product for a lower price.
3/21/2018 3:26 PM | Flag
tele_mark says:
Yeah, just how the camera rendered him, sometimes it has a mind of its own.
3/21/2018 3:22 PM | Flag
pmgr111 says:
Ambercat looks so pale in this pic. Isn't his color darker than this?
3/20/2018 11:40 PM | Flag
DustyTheCat says:
Halloween is such a silky, handsome kitty!
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