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6/17/2019 9:35 AM | Flag
MoMagrey says:
Jasmine taking lessons from one of the greatest living humans of our times!!!
6/15/2019 3:47 PM | Flag
Dimtzort says:
I thought that cats hate calisthenics, no?
6/14/2019 3:10 AM | Flag
essiebug says:
6/13/2019 6:31 AM | Flag
doerscheln says:
I can Unterstand Bubba, great view! 😻
6/13/2019 12:12 AM | Flag
MickeysMom says:
Bubba the gardener!
6/11/2019 8:54 PM | Flag
MickeysMom says:
He is very cute!
6/9/2019 10:31 PM | Flag
DustyTheCat says:
What are you looking at?
6/9/2019 10:31 PM | Flag
DustyTheCat says:
My cat is addicted to denim (and cardboard, wooden furniture or anything with a rough texture)... He's a little weirdo, but he's MY little weirdo.
6/9/2019 10:30 PM | Flag
DustyTheCat says:
I really ought to take these photos with my GOOD camera, but I find I only have my cheap flip phone on hand when he does cute things like this. At least I got him to look at the camera! He wouldn't let me put my jeans on today. He has a thing for denim... He licks it and rubs on it furiously.
6/6/2019 1:48 PM | Flag
iluvcats says:
Kiss Kiss
6/5/2019 7:48 PM | Flag
scrappy says:
These babies are so adorable!
6/4/2019 8:49 AM | Flag
Eli says:
Wie süss!!!
6/3/2019 2:12 PM | Flag
MickeysMom says:
Now that is precious!
6/2/2019 5:46 AM | Flag
doerscheln says:
6/2/2019 5:45 AM | Flag
doerscheln says:
Eines der süßesten Katzenfotos !
5/30/2019 6:35 PM | Flag
MickeysMom says:
Oh Claire, I'm sure daddy would give you ANYTHING when you look at him like that!
5/30/2019 6:35 PM | Flag
MickeysMom says: cute!!
5/30/2019 6:34 PM | Flag
MickeysMom says:
Not always harmonious, but they do have moments! Love it when they do!
5/30/2019 6:14 AM | Flag
Eli says:
Hi Claire, I see you are still the official parking lot supervisor, lol!
5/30/2019 6:13 AM | Flag
Eli says:
Lovely to see all three together in good harmony :)
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