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1/26/2020 5:43 PM | Flag
DustyTheCat says:
This was taken with a smartphone... Not bad, actually!
1/25/2020 11:30 AM | Flag
Claire says:
Ol' blue eyes!
1/24/2020 11:06 PM | Flag
lasombra99 says:
1/24/2020 3:57 PM | Flag
MickeysMom says:
What a beauty you are Nara! Gorgeous blue eyes.
1/23/2020 9:02 PM | Flag
scrappy says:
Bucky, you are quite a handsome boy!
1/21/2020 11:58 AM | Flag
Eli says:
1/21/2020 11:57 AM | Flag
Eli says:
Hello beautiful, are you busy supervising the parking lot? :)))
1/21/2020 11:56 AM | Flag
Eli says:
What a beautiful Kitty! Love the white moustache!
1/17/2020 2:00 AM | Flag
lindazena says:
My Dear May, July 2012 - 16th January 2020
1/12/2020 7:18 PM | Flag
Catspaws says:
Pepe the Navigator sailed the Caibbean for 14 years
1/6/2020 1:15 AM | Flag
DustyTheCat says:
I think Halloween is intrigued by smartphone screens... I took this with the selfie camera. I must be careful not to turn the flashlight feature on when he's around... He recognizes the source of the light and attacks it! A flashlight from a local dollar store was destroyed that way...
1/5/2020 8:13 PM | Flag
DustyTheCat says:
Can you spot the kitty?
1/2/2020 10:05 PM | Flag
MickeysMom says:
Happy New Year Clair!
1/2/2020 5:09 PM | Flag
MickeysMom says:
All waiting patiently for treats in their new Christmas finery!
1/1/2020 9:11 PM | Flag
iluvcats says:
1/1/2020 9:10 PM | Flag
iluvcats says:
12/29/2019 12:15 AM | Flag
DustyTheCat says:
I found this old photo of Sherlock and scanned it into my computer. It was probably taken around the late 1980's or early 1990's. Please excuse the holes... It was pinned up to a bulletin board!
12/28/2019 6:08 PM | Flag
DustyTheCat says:
This kitty looks very content. It must be pretty old for an outdoor cat by now... I think I have been seeing this same cat periodically for years!
12/28/2019 6:07 PM | Flag
DustyTheCat says:
Smartphone obtained. Cat spotted. Camera tested... It works!
12/27/2019 11:35 AM | Flag
Eli says:
LOL, great pic!!!
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