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8/17/2017 2:51 PM | Flag
MickeysMom says:
Who could resist that face!!! Lucky Bobby!
8/17/2017 2:51 PM | Flag
MickeysMom says:
Smudge is a real cutie!
8/17/2017 10:33 AM | Flag
ILoveMyCat14 says:
I'm keeping this one! I've done got too attached to him! I named him Bobby!
8/16/2017 10:37 PM | Flag
pmgr111 says:
Pretty kitty. She has strong colors like my Callie. How old is she?
8/16/2017 8:52 PM | Flag
eelias says:
Pretty calico!
8/16/2017 8:51 PM | Flag
eelias says:
Moritz-you are looking well sir!
8/16/2017 6:16 AM | Flag
Eli says:
Nothing better than a good nap!
8/16/2017 6:15 AM | Flag
Eli says:
Mach so weiter Moritz, wir möchten dich noch viele Jahre geniessen!
8/16/2017 1:03 AM | Flag
Napicat says:
That is good. Happy Happy
8/15/2017 11:56 PM | Flag
pmgr111 says:
Ok great. I do remember seeing the collar now that you mention it.
8/15/2017 3:55 PM | Flag
tele_mark says:
Excellent!! And he looks great too!
8/15/2017 12:22 PM | Flag
doerscheln says:
Last checkup was okay so far. change for the worse, pancreas and white blood cells.....a bit worse, everything else ....fine.
8/15/2017 12:31 AM | Flag
eelias says:
Excellent kitchen help!
8/14/2017 6:16 PM | Flag
MickeysMom says:
Nothing wrong, we had her spayed...and she was not happy wearing the collar and was pretty sad for a few days! She is now wilder and crazier than ever, and she makes us laugh constantly!
8/14/2017 6:07 PM | Flag
pmgr111 says:
I must have missed something. What was wrong with Doodle? I'm glad she is ok now.
8/14/2017 5:51 PM | Flag
iluvcats says:
So, so cute!
8/14/2017 5:48 PM | Flag
doerscheln says:
I'm glad Doodle is okay again and I am sure you are very happy to have such a sweet and little helper. :) Will Doodle have a sister or brother soon ?
8/14/2017 3:16 PM | Flag
MickeysMom says:
Doodle feeling much better and even helping out in the kitchen again!
8/14/2017 7:39 AM | Flag
doerscheln says:
Pst...handsome king Bandit is sleeping.
8/13/2017 9:03 PM | Flag
iluvcats says:
"Scratch my sweet tum tum Momma" ... sez King Bandit!!!
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