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Eli 10/17/2016 6:35 AM | Flag
Ach mein Kleiner, ich halt feste die Daumen dass es dir schnell wieder gut geht!
eelias 10/15/2016 5:53 PM | Flag
Best wishes for a speedy recovery dear Moritz!
scrappy 10/15/2016 12:50 AM | Flag
Dear Moritz, it's not good when you don't feel well. Hopefully it's just pancreatitis or intestinal inflammation that they can treat with steroids and fluids to keep him hydrated. Power of the paw to you Tina and to Moritz. xxxooo
iluvcats 10/14/2016 5:16 PM | Flag
Oh my dear Tina - I'm sending prayers and positive vibes for precious Moritz's comfort and recovery. Hugs to you dear friend - I know what you are going through. We all love you and Moritz so very much.
tele_mark 10/14/2016 5:01 PM | Flag
Hang in there Moritz. Hopefully it'll be nothing or something easily treatable. The renal values are hopeful too.
MickeysMom 10/14/2016 1:32 PM | Flag
Oh poor Moritz....sending positive vibes from Canada...stay strong little fella!
doerscheln 10/14/2016 1:14 PM | Flag
Moritz doesn't feel well since last Saturday, he didn't want to eat and drink. First I thought it's just a cold, he was sneezing and his almonds were red but on Sunday it was getting worse, Mortiz was throwing up and he had the runs. We drove to the animal clinic for several examinations , the result of the ultrasonic testing was he has a pancreas infection maybe even a pancreas tumor. The treatment is difficult because of his renal problems ( btw. the renal bloodwork was much better on Monday ) but he gets all the treatment possible incl. a daily infusion. Of course I hope, that he will recover soon but to be honest I have a bad feeling.......
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