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Cats: Bubba Tags:
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MickeysMom 10/26/2018 2:13 PM | Flag
Is it a Tux thing or a male thing? Bubba meows and begs A LOT for food and treats...and Doodle never begs.
tele_mark 10/25/2018 4:58 AM | Flag
With mine, it's "I haven't had anything in 10 minutes!"
MickeysMom 10/24/2018 8:41 PM | Flag
They can melt your heart with that look!
Eli 10/24/2018 6:19 AM | Flag
The typical cat look: Mom, give me food, I haven't had anything in over three days! :))
MickeysMom 10/23/2018 8:46 PM | Flag
Oh such an innocent look!
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