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By: doerscheln 1/22/2019 2:25 PM « prev | next »
Picture of a cat / kitten / feline
Cats: Luna Tags:
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MickeysMom 1/24/2019 1:54 PM | Flag
Bo was spayed 2 weeks ago...she didn't slow down one bit. We couldn't get her to stop running and jumping the day that she had the surgery! And FORGET the collar, she wasn't having any of that!!
doerscheln 1/23/2019 9:39 AM | Flag
BTW Luna and Lola were spayed nine days ago. This was so easy compared to 20 years ago. The next morning after the surgery it was like they had no surgery at all. They were just fine, running, jumping and playing. When I remember my other girls....they were not well for almost a week, had a long cut with many stitches and the whole belly was shaved but Luna and Lola lost only a few hairs, had a very small cut with only two stitches. They didn’t even need a collar.
tele_mark 1/22/2019 5:55 PM | Flag
The kittens are going away already, and the beautiful cats are arriving!
doerscheln 1/22/2019 2:26 PM | Flag
Luna loves the „Bird“ , too.
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