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Cat: Babycat RIP
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DustyTheCat 10/4/2018 12:49 AM | Flag
They tend to, with the exception of Babycat dying at the baby age of 8. Many people would love for their cats to live that long, I hear. These sentiments mostly come from people who let their cats outdoors. All of ours have been strictly INDOORS with a few successful, yet temporary escape attempts. We think Babycat picked up the fleas that killed her after getting out and being on our front porch for about a minute... It didn't take long.
tele_mark 10/4/2018 12:46 AM | Flag
Wow, all your cats live a pretty long time!
DustyTheCat 10/4/2018 12:37 AM | Flag
Cats named after Sherlock Holmes characters: Sherlock (Sherlock Holmes), Hamish (Dr. John Hamish Watson), Reenie (Irene Adler), and Watson (Dr. John Hamish Watson). My parents just LOVE those stories. They almost named me after Sir Arthur Conan Doyle... except I'm a woman.
DustyTheCat 10/4/2018 12:36 AM | Flag
The cat chart has been updated and now reflects ALL of our cats, past and present, as well as acknowledging the recent discovery that our new little girl kitten is actually a boy. Sherlock and Mousey's estimated years of birth have been moved back to the 1980's upon discovery of a photo of the two of them playing together as kittens (which I promptly lost and need to go back and find again... but it was definitely from the 1980's).
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Babycat lived in the downstairs part of our house. She was about 8 years old (as of 2017), and earned her name after it turned out that she behaved like a kitten long after kitten-hood! She was also smart, figuring out how to work doorknobs and light switches. She liked to follow people into the bathroom and turn out the lights on them! She was extremely curious as a young cat, becoming chubby and lazy in middle age, but she'd still poke her nose into your food whenever possible, or rip open bags of cat food and burrow into them! Her sudden death makes her much missed.
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