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By: DustyTheCat 2/4/2019 1:47 AM « prev | next »
Picture of a cat / kitten / feline
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DustyTheCat 2/8/2019 2:06 AM | Flag
It looks like he's fine medically, but I suspect that his previous owner (who he probably lived with for years, since I adopted him when he was 8) didn't litter-box-train him totally. He uses the two boxes I have most of the time, but sometimes (and this has been ever since I've had him) I've found a small piece of his poop on the carpet, which he proceeds to sniff and then paw at the carpet like it's litter. If I clean it up promptly, there's no problem, but I may have missed the first time he peed on the rug and then he trained himself into thinking it was a litter box. The "SSSCAT" spray seems to be effective so far. He's staying away from the forbidden area but otherwise seems as happy as ever.
Dimtzort 2/7/2019 3:14 PM | Flag
cats are infamous for being very stubborn, unfortunately. my Zuzu peed and pooed all over my mum's flowers, despite having a separate litter box. we did all measures, too:covered the dirt in plastic squared sheet,put suvlaki sticks (very pointy) in the dirt, sprayed every where with anti-cat spray, I took her repeatedly to the litter box to let her get used to the toilet.there's some success but I hope she doesn't use the neighbor's garden (who passed away recently) as a makeshift toilet.that's one of the very few things a cat is supposed to be able to learn, except the kleptomania and scratching everything.
tele_mark 2/4/2019 3:25 PM | Flag
Get him checked at the vet. Don't take any chances with behavioral changes.
DustyTheCat 2/4/2019 1:52 AM | Flag
Halloween has a troublesome new habit: treating the rug in front of my front door as a litter box... and the carpet that's there if the rug is removed. As far as I know, he isn't sick or stressed, and he follows me around and cuddles up next to me in bed just like he normally does, but I can't get him break the habit! I've washed the rug in my bathtub repeatedly and used enzymatic cleaners when I don't feel like lugging it all the way to the bathroom. I've covered the area in catnip. I've used up a whole bottle of "No More Spraying" liquid. I've cried, "No!" when I've caught him the act. He just goes over, sniffs the area, pees or poos (or both) on the spot, paws at it like he's digging in a litter box, and then casually walks off. I've been greeted at the door upon coming home from work by stepping in this stuff. Ugh! My next step is to try "SSSCAT" spray obtained from to startle him away from the area. Wish me luck.
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